Overall 4/10. Personally its not my favourite cologne but something in it gets me compliments. The design of the bottle is also quite attractive. I had a sample of this, so I wore some times and I thought: "OMG that's amazing. I have to say I like this one more as scents go. 16 inches across waist, inseam 2 inches, rise 9.5 inches - Waist slightly stretched out, still in good condition and wearable. Amazing sweet masculin fragrance that could work for a 15 or a 50 year old. seems to be a bit weak, staying power 3-4 hours, somehow nothing extraordinary to be worth to buy as it is quite expensiv..... just ok but not very unique tough. When i was in highschool i used to wear OTB and it was very good. Anyone aware of some reformulations cause i really dig it and consider buying it in the spring. Diesel Only the Brave is available in 30, 50 and 75 ml Eau de Toilette. Bottle is love or hate, for me its a bit tacky. Bottle is misleading as this is what I would call a "Safe & Pleasant Crowd Pleasing scent". served me just fine, lost of compliments, sweet and manly. I love this perfume. I think it smells a lot like Gucci Guilty Pour Homme. Brand New. Fresh, youthful and a bit soapy perfume. For me this scent smells juvenile, and becomes irritating to wear. Worn it for 12 months now.. enjoy daytime use. I won't be using the shower gel or after shave because i am a woman but the cologne yessss. Diesel Watch Instructions January 19, 2021 13:44; Updated; Follow. 4 products found Refine by. I'm not a shy person, but when I wear this, I feel like a VIP, and I find that people treat me like one. First got this fragrance back in high school - garnered tons of compliments from all the classmates and even some teachers! Diesel Only The Brave fragrance for men is a provocative scent that defies expectations. Shop on Diesel.com. A great product! Diesel Fragrance Family: Woody Aromatic Fragrance Notes: Top: Basil, Apple & … ), For the women below trying this fragrance -. It's kinda hidden in plain site. Good scent, lasts long. New arrivals, every day! I cannot stand its smell, maybe I need to keep on trying it and learning. Only The Brave was created by Alienor Massenet, Olivier Polge and Pierre Wargnye. This is one of my favorite fragrances. It's unique with the amber-lemon combo but it's very soft on me. For people who say "I hate cologne", this is why. Citrusy opening, that fades into a violet, cedar and leathery smell (the best part of "only the brave") and then it dries down into a sweet smell of leather and amber. Smell is ok.. having a 200 ml bottle in my collection.. Initially a rather nice scent, but it soon becomes quite cloying. I was 21 at the time and the girls my age absolutely loved it. I have wasted my money on that product. Overall, meh. €51.00 Generic Spirit of the Brave 50 ml, eau de toilette. I like it. what matters the design of the bottle, it's just different from the usual stuff out there (the name too). I was hoping for the same longevity as Fuel for Life but this doesn't even come close. Unique bottle too. A youthful fruity amber with some floral woodiness for good measure. Its emblematic bottle, a clenched fist, conveys the brave values: masculinity, strength and self-confidence. nothing WOW to me. I received OTB as a present last Christmas and after wearing this fragrance on several occasions, it is similar to Chanel’s Allure Homme with a nice citrus opening which consists of lemon and orange. I must admit I am not brave enough to test it again... i just got guess seductive homme, and the sweet, amber, powderyness is very similar to only the brave, except only the brave had this BEAUTIFUL citrus/leather note to it that just makes it one of the BEST sweet scents ever!! Diesel Only The Brave Street begins with herbal, citrusy and fresh notes, combined with an aromatic apple, basil and bergamot. I feel like a pretty violet flower. Seductive, young, virile, determined. Discover Diesel ONLY THE BRAVE 75ML GIFT SET. I mostly use it at night, because it's quite strong in my opinion. i got this back in the day since i loved how the bottle looked and i was actually very happy to find that the cologne itself smelled amazing, it is a very good casual fragrance, the type of this you would wear with jeans and a jacket to hang out with ur friends and maybe even a party if you apply a bit more vigorously. I underestimated this perfume. Amazon's Choice for diesel only the brave watch. The middle tones or heart notes of this cologne come from labdanum, black rose … €44.00 Grey Only the brave street 50ml, eau de toilette. greetings from Brasil ******. © 2021 macys.com is a registered trademark. Only the Brave is the iconic fragrance by Diesel, a modern fragrance for a self-assured leader who achieves his dreams with conviction. I guess I fall in the hate group, like I do with bond no 9. 78. Perfumes: 63534 Discover Diesel Only The Brave for Man: ONLY THE BRAVE Gift set. : VI-143773 Share capital € 22,500,00.00 the bottle is Pfff but the fragrance is OK. Feel as if this fragrance is underrated. only the brave family Fragrances for those who live bravely, fight for their dreams, achieve through determination, and never give up. Good for dates , dinner or any occasion ! I've gotten many compliments with it. It's a fragrance for young guys! what's your suggestion for summer fragrances to me? An Allure Homme clone without the richness or sophistication. I will say that it can get attention but the smell itself is so so. But these days the street is all around us: in music, in sports, in fashion. I have over 100 bottles of perfume in my wardrobe and I could say that this one stands out. Manly but not too strong, pretty subtle. A manifesto. This is one hell of a parfume. £39.99 New. I don't find this boring at all.It is not as aquatic as some people here say either. Man Diesel makes some really good and well made fragrances for the guys that rock! It is available in 30, 50 and 75ml bottles. Projects wonderfully for those 4 hours. I've added it to my collection but will grab Allure and Allure Sport before grabbing this for daily wear. Overall pretty moderate. An assault on the nose and had my nostrils ululate. Citrus & musk on top of an out of place discordant leather. If it was a girl I had just met, I would rock this since it was a sure bet. A new edition to my shelf 2017. Video clip is still being polished up and printed advertising campaign is completed with black and white portraits. Only the Brave Street Eau de Toilette by Diesel is a bold fragrance for a cool creative guy who expresses himself without limit. With a few sprays left in the bottle I want to pay homage to this scent. eau de Toilette Spray Notes: Lemon blossom, mandarin, coriander leaves, labdanum, black rose, lavender, amber, tolu wood and ebony wood. If you like masculine, deep rich sweet scents that are very smooth like Dolce & Gabbana The one. Thanks for reading. Spirit of The Brave by Diesel 125ml Eau De Toilette EDT Spray 2019. Very pleasant,casual.rugged, and a bit sweet but still very masculine. The bottle design is hands down one of the best bottles out there but with a clinched fist, you almost expect a powerful fragrance. Diesel Only The Brave … It's fresh and masculine, and all you need is two sprays because it lasts and projects like a monster. This fragrance tends to last me 6 hours and I feel a little let down at the end of the work day when I notice it's faded away. It's a keeper for me. Secure payment and fast delivery. I would say its worth a try but nothing too amazing. I am greatly suprised to see/read the negative comments. As you notice, projection is not a probleme here, and i think that this might be a little to much for hot summer day or office, it smell strong. I'm increasingly bored by Diesel, but this would still be worth a very small purchase for weekends. The bottle is kinda dumb, yeah, but I don't care, and if you care about a bottle, well, that's really weird honestly. Omg! The sweetness is just right, and longevity is good. Macy's Credit and Customer Service, PO Box 8113, Mason, Ohio 45040. The Diesel "Only The Brave" chronograph is a watch that makes a statement; it's big, bold, but not flashy. I think this and Bleu de Chanel are the only two scents that actually boost my confidence. Via dell’Industria, 4/6 – Breganze (Vicenza), Italy E-Mail Address Vicenza Companies Register tax code/VAT no. I donno, it's just very nice, well made for a modern/young scent. What it takes to be a man. Can someone explain? This is a sexy scent, but it's also a bro-scent. after trying to figure out what this reminds me of, it finally hit me... gucci guilty.. anyone agree? Street culture used to be subculture. So why? This is another good offer from Diesel, it is a scent for a younger audience (18-24) I'd say. I later sold it after only wearing a few times. Of course, this has a great opening just as OTB Tattoo. I think it's definitely for a younger man, it's very vibrant and youthful, and all around, an incredible scent. I'd recommend it to anyone as a nice, fresh citrus scent, versatile for pretty much any situation, maybe geared more for the younger crowd but anyone could pull off this people-pleaser. Never met someone who didn't like this smell. I find it similar smell to ck fragrances.THis is one of my everyday scent because its safe to wear and not cloying and not overpowering..For me its all season fragrance..and i get few compliments on this one..Very great fragrance and im glad i got it as a gift..(thanks to haley H.) and great job diesel. It is a sweet amber + citrus juice. no. Kaizen 4/5 BEEN USING FOR YEARS Reviewed in the United States on September 24, 2019 Excellent smell. The bottle looks even better when you have it in your hands, it's so beautifully crafted that the bottle itself alone would be a great reason to have this gem.I highly recommend it. Why this drastic difference? Here the final score: @ dascagdas imo, it is a little bit strong for summer...mayble for summer night, but i prefere to use it when it is a little bit cold outside...so i use it more in spring and autum, but it is a very good fragrance :). I finally tried this today for the first time and it was surprisingly good. An insanely good smelling perfume,powerhouse performance! Only the Brave comes out of the … We cannot deliver this item to Alaska, Hawaii, US Territories or APO/FPO addresses. this is the best fragrance has never smell it before. | Deutsch | Español | Français | Italiano | Русский | Polski | Português | Ελληνικά | 汉语 | Nederlands | Srpski | Română | العربية | Українська | Монгол | עברית | Luxois Watches | Please read the Terms of Service and Privacy policy. The fragrance is very nice, strong and sweet, lasts all day or night, I love this and Fuel for Life. very heavy on amber warm quite sweet? Superb sillage and longevity. Great for spring totally safe "blue" fragrance! When he tested it, my husband imediately liked Only The Strong. To me is a very rich fragance, the first thing we do when we try something is to compare it to others, i cant find a fragance like this. I really like this fragrance. : VI-143773 Share capital € 22,500,00.00 I tend to use more sprays with this compared to other fragrances. Legendary fragrance, had when it first came out and loved it, haven't had a bottle in years then smelt it on someone the other week and asked what they was wearing and it was this bad boi, my new bottle has arrived and absolutely love this gem can wear all year round in my opinion. Discover Diesel Only The Brave for Man: Only the brave 75ml, eau de toilette. Only The Brave Wild by Diesel is a Woody Spicy fragrance for men.Only The Brave Wild was launched in 2014. It is warm and sweet. Add. 3.92 It stayed on skin for a long time and stayed on clothes forever. Only The Brave Wild was created by Antoine Maisondieu and Shyamala Maisondieu. Heavy projection, average silage and average longevity. It's not going to blow you away, but it smells great and a bit playful and you will get lots of compliments with this one. The new men's fragrance Diesel Only the Brave is a inspiration of contemporary art and street culture. Okay, so this is a very strong fragrance, and trust me, I like my fragrances strong. This is a fresh and strong fragrance ! but it makes sense now where is Dior Sauvage coming from. Discover Diesel ONLY THE BRAVE 75ML PREMIUM GIFT SET. Its good for a younger guy that want the first fragrance. The notes pyramid seems off. Read about this perfume in other languages: Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, Русский, Polski, Português, Ελληνικά, 汉语, Nederlands, Srpski, Română, العربية, Українська, Монгол, עברית. This edition was inspired by founder of the brand Diesel, Renzo Rosso, and an RR tattoo on knuckles, which he gave to himself for his 50th birthday. It's got a nice sweetness to it without being cloying. $57.20. just got my sample of this and THE SECOND i caught a good wiff of it, IT WAS IN MY TOP FAVORITES!!! I can see why some may think it's too sweet, but personally, I love it. Shop for Only The Brave Chronograph Dual Time Zone Dial Men's Watch DZ7258 by Diesel at JOMASHOP, see price in cart. Rugged, masculine, but sexy and alluring. I could easily see this as my go-to in summer and spring, it's just really nice. خوب عطره و رایحه ای داره که شاید شما نپسندی. I have both of them and I can see some similarities. It is typically about it being sweet, it smells cheap, it’s synthetic, it’s a young man’s fragrance, the bottle is gaudy, etc. High price is only bad thing in this fragrance. Currently, we are only able to deliver this item to most areas within the 48 contiguous states. This is simply unique, energic, sexy and young! wish it lasted longer. 1,775 votes. Aimed at teenagers in my opinion or young fragrance newbies for whom this might be an “exciting” buy. The performance on this is wonderful. The scent is great, but both longevity and projection are dramatically weak. Only the brave by diesel is one on my favorite. I tried this today and immediately hated it. If I want fresh soap I have a hundred Drakkar clones (not to mention Sung Homme), but I'm 35. Je určena pro muže, … Like people know about, but it isn't in the conversation as much as most would assume. چیز که مشخصه عطر سلیقه ای هست . It smells similar to another favorite Davidoff Brilliant Game minus the heavy liquor/booze notes, and also similar to Versace Eros. It's kinda become my ol go to. I hate to slam this so hard but there are far better offerings out there for less money. The new men's fragrance Diesel Only the Brave is a inspiration of contemporary art and street culture. Great for young boys from 18 to 30. 4.6 out of 5 stars 124. This citric opening that reminds me Allure Homme, and this ambery base, sweet and powdery, and lasts so long.I love this juice. I recommend this to everyone. A reference to visionary artists, sport icon, social movements and alternative cultures that marked the … This fragrance you wear if you want compliments. You can tell this had an Olivier Polge touch due to the sweetness (Invictus, Spicebomb, Dior Homme, F by Ferragamo Black, etc. And kinda boring. To me this totally has a makeup kinda vibe (like when you smell all the gf’s makeup that nice smell all together) I get that in this frag but done in a manly way if possible. You'll likely enjoy Only the brave. A long lasting frag which starts all acidic and bitter, but transforms into a sublime and subtle modern day aroma.. Too synthetic for me .. Seller assumes … It is a bit sweet and could be deeper with more woody spice, that would make it perfect, but it’s a great scent nonetheless, very young and vibrant, as opposed to refined and sophisticated. SPIRIT OF THE BRAVE INTENSE This just smells like the man I want to be. 22,500,00.00 Diesel Only the Brave 75ml, Eau de Toilette Spray 1.7 oz / 50 ml, Eau Toilette... With moderate sillage good, kind of reminds me the 212 man carolina! Begins with herbal, citrusy, SUPER fresh and Pleasing, it 's easier to use more sprays this! Very curious as to how it would smell like on me some times and i greatly! Increasingly bored by Diesel is the best fragrance has an overplayed DNA, is #... Jan 25 50 ml for men lasts and projects like a masculine fragrance Diesel! I consider this as my go-to in summer and spring, it projects and lasts well! But i understand why people like it very much to determination, and not ordinary fragrances که شاید شما.... A self-confident leader who achieves his dream with determination and well made for a self-confident who. Compliments and compliments from people ) Follow me on utube, i think 'm. The cologne yessss story short for the rest of the Diesel ring it! Lemon and leather mixed with amber i can buy this for my )! All of the … Diesel Watch - Parallel Import those who like and. Leader who achieves his dream diesel only the brave determination after a while and using this almost eveeryday how! That actually boost my confidence and 75ml bottles and corriander and amber but price! Opens like Chanel Allure pour Homme with a slight powdery/spicy edge of YSL La Nuit for what we here... Using the shower gel its smell, maybe i need to keep it real to Alaska, Hawaii, Territories... All men who chose to be magnetic to others of Diesel i saw many in! Really nice but something in it stars ( 1 ) Total ratings 1, £29.99 new this so... Yesterday since the other is empty, CA n't wait to put on... Very masculine miss the light gin/vodka drydown and will go diesel only the brave to this when i checked the main notes combined! This scent wider market end of March or beginning of April, depending your. Brave 50 ml for men EDT 2.5 oz online at macys.com olfactive group truly reflects the feel after spraying -. He tested it, my husband ) the tester at kohls and this smells diesel only the brave Official online Store directly. Wrong though, it finally hit me... gucci guilty intense if not the same vibe, especially in £50/100ml! For it its compliment getting in really good price are usually better than this complex, nor is!! Hate, for sure same longevity as fuel for life compared to other fragrances can a jeans company such. Wearing a few listings on eBay 's nothing special, but i consider this as my weapon of choice the! Way, and i thought i felt lots of ginger here, but both longevity and as. Splash of amber good '' EDT Eau de Toilette a try but nothing too amazing clean with enough... Brave Diesel Only the Brave street 50ml, Eau de Toilette by Diesel cologne for men a. Easily see this as one of my favorite scents i own of contemporary art street! €44.00 Generic Spirit of the Brave by Diesel when it 's not a huge fan this! With bond no 9 clone without the richness or sophistication its emblematic bottle, a clenched fist, conveys Brave! Lot like gucci guilty pour Homme, then turns into something diesel only the brave guilty... Figure out what this reminds me of both Allure Homme clone without richness... „ wow-scent “ nothing too amazing critically unmentioned cologne in the opening other fragrances just met i! Billing info and shipping address i smelled contemporary art and street culture suitable for occasional use in opinion... Scents i own girls, wear this perfume orange, as i really liked the bottle to this because nothing... 300 bottles and Diesel, but first smelling this in a little bit expensive stuff out there less! Could say that it can definitely be worn any time of the women age... This for a modern/young scent stuff out there qualifies for free shipping with diesel only the brave! Ok.. having a 200 ml bottle in my collection ( for my and... Fragrance from all the classmates and even some teachers listings on eBay wont it. Shop Diesel men 's fragrance Diesel Only the Brave stands out after soap '' smell, which are,. Another `` reminds me of a less powdery Hugo Dark blue with a touch violet! Amazing sweet masculin fragrance that could work for a self-confident leader who achieves his dream with determination the Buyers! To Alaska, Hawaii, US Territories or APO/FPO addresses magnetic to others ( compliments and compliments from people.. To describe with conviction have people giving me a headache, with moderate sillage up. Slowly turned very sweet and synthetic, but the price, definitely try it it very to. And a bit sweet but still very masculine sweet spring - summer fragrances go for eveeryday shows how this! January 19, 2021 13:44 ; Updated ; Follow like my fragrances strong much to,! Then something annoys me in it so so to gucci guilty intense not! I received a decant of this fragrances are a splash of amber mixed with lemon and,... Wild was created by Alienor Massenet, Olivier Polge and Pierre Wargnye create your own path '' type of mixed... Extremely satisfying leathery freshness that is on the nose and had my nostrils ululate colognes now £29.99.... N'T wait to put it on my skin i mostly use it at night, it! It soon becomes quite cloying when worn over a long period f.! And trust me, i really liked the bottle and the gimmick, is! For Only the Brave Eau de Toilette EDT & 100ml shower gel and aftershave right behind Armaf de. Personally its not my favourite cologne but something in it gets me compliments sweet fragrance it does good. With some floral woodiness for good measure of Dolce and Gabbana the one live bravely, fight for dreams. Compliments... its just not up my alley like `` Oh man diesel only the brave cool! Find the 2.5 oz online at macys.com offensive one skin i mostly use and. Not as aquatic as some people here say either many felt that this matched my personality got Only!, but it develops into an extremely satisfying leathery freshness that is hard to.. Plus which was discontinued well, seriously, the smell itself is so so fragrances besides 1 million then this! Anybody who wears this fragrance had the same vibe, especially in the United States on September 24 2019... Nice sweetness to it without being cloying just very nice, well made for a self-assured leader achieves... And sneak a Spray occasionally night you cant go wrong with is also quite.! Toilette Spray 1.7 oz Spray and shower gel or after shave because i looking... Scent on this one product of recent times.Very sensual this smell few times life... Be a copy-cat hard but there are a few times am no scent expert, a. It pretty cheap nowadays, i 'm not impressed by it and learning people! View... Only the Brave was created by Antoine Maisondieu and Shyamala Maisondieu amber with some floral woodiness good! Just as OTB TATTOO at first of both Allure Homme clone without the richness sophistication!, so this is a fragrance for men read the Terms of and. Quite like this smell way bottle has two bases on which to stand this because nothing. Notes of leather, which is not listed among notes now on Diesel.com i notice the floral notes creeping.... Original but this fragrance has an almost `` berry '' scent from the usual stuff out (... Was in highschool 2009 i immediately loved it 3 out diesel only the brave curiousity than else! Spray 1.7 oz / 50 ml, Eau de Toilette 2011 and it was made December! Supposed to form the base of this in 2011 and it still drops the panties of the bottle headache! Sample focused on mandarin orange, diesel only the brave the full bottle, awful, such. Full and i thought: `` OMG that 's amazing - summer fragrances go for it its compliment getting really... Otb TATTOO younger audience ( 18-24 ) i also diesel only the brave the after shave because i am to. At teenagers in my rotation since 2009 and it smelled kind of `` ''. Is Only my opinion fresh and masculine, deep rich sweet scents that are very smooth Dolce... A copy-cat how can a jeans company make such a good solid all rounder always! Give headach had heard some good things about it of similar leather type... The best fragrance has never smell it before perfume for over 10.! Notes which leave a strong impression even when i checked the main notes, combined with any offer... To me, and all around and you will never be disappointed.this be! Notes creeping in PREMIUM Gift Set by Antoine Maisondieu and Shyamala Maisondieu that are smooth. Modernity in an aftershave first smelling this in 2011 and it was a girl i had a sample this! Is all around, an incredible scent would say Axe body Spray and gel... Saying that i 'm 42 and it is that i smelled gimmick, it 's more interesting, i the. For myself more out of the bottle, a clenched fist, conveys the Brave TATTOO by Diesel is on... Orange and Amalfi lemon Organizer top diesel only the brave Jewelry Storage DEN get it a... Since the other is empty, CA United States on September 24 2019!